How to make a palm cross

Making square crosses from palm fronds

YouTube video of making a palm cross:video of making a palm cross

  1. Remove any hard ridge on the edge of the palm frond
  2. Cut off the narrow top of the palm frond
  3. Fold the narrow part of the palm frond down toward the wider base, so that is extends a equal distance blow the overlapping portion.
  4. About 1/2 way up the overlapping section fold the fold the narrower part of the frond at a 90 degree (right) angle, so that is forms a triangle.
  5. Fold over the 90 degree arm upward, bend at the upward wide part of the triangle you just formed.
  6. Fold the arm over 1 more time, to from a box the width of you fond.
  7. Wrap the arm of the from around the back of the cross base.
  8. Slide the tip of the palm frond through the box arm formed and pull tight
  9. Loop the arm around toward the front and slide though the same box that arm came through, leaving loop of 1/3 the remaining arm.
  10. Now, take the remaining arm and look it toward the back and slide into the box the arm came through
  11. Adjust the length of the 2 arms to be equal lengths.
  12. Adjust the length of the top of the cross and bottom of the cross. It the bottom of the cross to is very long, it can be looped back in to the cross.
  13. Press the top and arms of the cross flat and you will have a completed cross.

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